Gestalt Theoretical Psychotherapy

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A Brief Sketch of the History of Gestalt Theoretical Psychotherapy (GTP)


The new book

Edited by G. Stemberger
(May 2022)

Essentials of
Gestalt Theoretical Psychotherapy
in English


With contributions from:

  • Doris Beneder
  • Angelika Böhm
  • Thomas Fuchs
  • Bernadette Lindorfer
  • Edward Ragsdale
  • Gerhard Stemberger
  • Katharina Sternek
  • Giancarlo & Elena Trombini
  • Andrzej Zuczkowski

184 pages; print edition: 14,00 Euro; E-Book: 9,99 Euro.
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Full text articles about GTP in English language - From the special issue of "Gestalt Theory - An International Multidisciplinary Journal" 43(1), 2021
Some additional sources in English language:
Some early Gestalt psychological papers on psychopathology, still essential for GTP, and commentaries: